Teacher Proposals for the Spring Gathering

Call for Teacher Proposals for the 2021 Virtual Spring Gathering

The Northeast Basketmakers Guild will hold a virtual Gathering on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – April 23, 24 ,25 2021.  Before Covid, our annual three day Gathering attracted about 80 participants who took 190 classes.  We took a survey recently that shows that there is significant interest in holding a virtual event this year.

Our Guild held four Zoom classes in the fall of 2020, and has four more scheduled in the next couple of months (including a couple of beginner classes!).  Our members have been enthusiastic about the classes and have made wonderful baskets.

If you are new to virtual teaching Peggy is happy to help you get comfortable with this new format.  You can spend some time on Zoom with her, and talk about the process and she’ll answer any questions that you have.  To teach a virtual class you need to have a cell phone, tablet or computer with a camera and reliable internet access.  We can also supply a Zoom host to monitor your class and help with any technical issues during the class.  Please contact Peggy at mrthrasher@gmail.com if you would like to find out more about virtual teaching.

We plan to have a number of offerings during the Gathering:

  1. Basket Classes where the student will complete a basket
  2. Technique Classes where techniques are practiced, but a basket is not completed
  3. Technique Demos where a technique is demonstrated and participants can ask questions
  4. Studio Tours
  5. Home Tours to show the baskets that the host has made and/or collected
  6. Social Hour
  7. Exhibit of baskets in three experience levels with cash prizes
  8. NBG Annual Meeting
  9. Whatever else we can come up with!

We are requesting proposals for the first three categories:  Basket Classes, Technique Classes, and Technique Demos.  We expect these to last between 30 minutes and 8 hours each.  The teacher will receive $30 per hour for each class from NBG, and the teacher will set the material/class/shipping fee for the class.  You will be responsible for shipping kits to the students two weeks before the class.  NBG will provide the Zoom subscription.  NBG will collect all money from the student and then pay you.

We are seeking input from teachers on how to schedule the classes.  For our physical Gatherings in the past, students complete the basket in the consecutive hours of the class (i.e., 8 hours of class in a row – with a lunch break).  Our Zoom classes so far have been spread over 2 (or 3) days, with 2 – 3 hour sessions on each day.  This has allowed a longer basket class to be taught in fewer hours, with the slower students catching up by doing homework.  On more advanced baskets, homework has been assigned to all students for sections of the basket that are less intricate.  We are open to your opinions on whether you would like to teach your class as consecutive hours, or if you would prefer to split the class into shorter segments over multiple days.  Because of the logistics of scheduling, we may not be able to accommodate both models, but please let us know which you prefer.

What kinds of classes should you propose?  We have a dedicated segment of intermediate to advanced weavers who are interested in new techniques, constructions, and materials.  You can download a summary of Survey Results which detail particular techniques or materials that are of interest to our members.  If you are interested in teaching a beginner basket, you can choose to offer it to anyone, or you can require that the student have experience with the particular material you are using, or require that the student has made any basket in the past.

We will accept proposals until February 27, 2021.  Please email your proposal on the attached form with a picture of the finished basket to NBGGatheringCoordinator@gmail.com.  We will announce the class schedule on March 7, 2021.

In addition, if you would like to do a tour of your studio, or of baskets in your home, please let us know that, too!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Kimberley Harding (kaharding1990@gmail.com)
Gail Hanlon (seyelneyoo@gmail.com)
2021 Gathering Committee

Peggy Thrasher (mrthrasher@gmail.com)
NBG President

NBG Gathering Activity Proposal

You can open the proposal in Adobe Reader, then type into that document and save on your computer.  Then email that file to us nbggatheringcoordinator@gmail.com