Twill Cathead with Ruth Boland

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Saturday, April 29, 2024
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Diameter:  13″, Height:  9″

Prerequisites:  Twill and shaping experience

This large twill cathead has a satisfying shape and a dramatic pattern. The base is woven with an over 3/under 3 twill. We will start the cathead feet (ears?) which will allow our square base to open into a lovely round basket. We have a specific number of stakes which will allow us to weave this pattern using a continuous weave. The pattern runs 24 stakes and is as impressive inside as out. Once you master the pattern the challenge is to keep control of the shape. Some students may run out of time and have to finish on their own. Various colors will be available.

Materials supplied: Reed stakes, weavers, and rim; seagrass

Tools needed: Scissors, spoke weights, pencil, spray bottle, measuring tape,, packing tools, something for making spaces (whatever tool you use when lashing the rim-I like a fid), clothes pins, sanding egg or sand paper, towel

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Ruth Boland

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