Round Reed Double Wall Basket with Debra Rolfe

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Saturday, October 14, 2023
9:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Diameter: 5 – 6″, Height:  2″

Prerequisites: Round reed experience. Adept at twining and basic round reed borders

Using space dyed reed for the spokes gives this round reed basket a pop of color. Double wall construction makes for a very sturdy basket. Students will weave the inside wall, then using a rolled border to turn the spokes, weave the outer wall. Basket will be finished with a foot using another rolled border. Weaving techniques include tying a slath, Japanese weave, hidden join, twining, 3 and 4 row rolled border, and a few tricks so no joins are detected.
Depending on skill level, students may be able to start or complete a second basket.  Please bring $15 in cash to give to Debra if you want to make a second basket.

Materials supplied: #3 space dyed round reed, #1 and #2 round reed

Tools needed: Cutters, round awl, flat awl, needle nose pliers, spray bottle, basin or bucket

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