Colorful Quatrefoil with Pam Wilson

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Saturday, April 27, 2024
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Diameter:  7 1/2″, Height:  1 1/2″

This small basket packs a big punch. It begins with a 3/3 twill base with occasional 1 or 5’s thrown in. The sides are a mixture of 2/2 twill with some 1 and 3’s. The basket is mostly woven in 3mm flat oval reed dyed 4 colors. Participants will get both written and chart directions for the base. The sides are written directions. The rim and rim filler are dyed reed and the basket is lashed with waxed linen.  Slower weavers may need to finish after class.

Materials supplied: 3 mm flat oval reed natural and dyed 3 color, 11/64″ flat oval dyed, 1/4″ half round dyed, #4 round reed dyed.

Tools needed: Scissors, angle cutters, one or two spoke weights, water, towel, spray bottle, small packer, needle nose pliers, small and large clips, scraper and cutting board, and measuring tape.

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Flat Reed, Round Reed


Pamela Wilson

Class Level

Advanced Level