A Waxy Set Up with Linda Scherz

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This class has been cancelled

Prerequisites: Students should have experience weaving with waxed linen.

The inspiration came from It’s A Set Up in cotton cord. Students will weave a waxed linen base and make a waxed linen foot that will upright the spokes. The design is woven with three colors of waxed linen and ribbon accent between the different patterns. The inspiration for this basket was to teach students how the set up creates the different patterns. The rim is a double spoke braided rim.  Techniques include triple twining, completing a row and setting up for next, spiral and stack pattern, and shaping. There will be discussion on understanding the different set ups in creating the patterns.

Students will have weaving to do between classes.

Materials supplied: Waxed Linen

Tools needed: Small embroidery scissors, Waxed linen packing tool with pointed tip, Tape measure.  A personal light and magnifying glasses may be helpful.


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Waxed Linen


Linda Scherz

Class Level

Intermediate Level


Turquoise, Magenta, Grey