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Northeast Basketmakers Guild Membership

The Northeast Basketmakers Guild (NBG) was founded in 1985 by a group of five Connecticut basketmakers. Since then, the organization has grown to include hundreds of artists.

Members are predominantly from the northeastern United States, but now include artists from around the world.

The mission of the Northeast Basketmakers Guild is to further the art of basketry by nurturing the development of new basketmakers, while celebrating and supporting accomplished basketmakers.

Your membership gives you access to information about events and basketry news available through the website and email.

The members-only page on the website will contain the newsletters published throughout the year.

There are also yearly scholarships awarded to members for furthering their knowledge and skills of basketweaving.

Northeast Basketmakers Application

The NBG membership year is from July 1st to June 30. Dues are payable on or before July 1st. Notice about renewing membership will be sent in June and one reminder notice in July.

Individual member dues are $25 per year.
Business member dues are $35 per year.

You can pay either by credit card/Paypal or by check when purchasing your membership online.  Checks should be mailed to Gail Hanlon, Membership Coordinator, 19 Red Leaf,  Plymouth, MA 02360

Individual members are able to participate in the Gathering, the Retreats, any events sponsored by NBG, and receive access to the website for newsletters, membership lists and other pertinent information.

Business Members have the same benefits as the Individual Member (above), with the added benefits of being listed as a basketry business in NBG publications and on our website as well as being able to vend at NBG events.

If you are purchasing both a membership in NBG and classes, please put the membership, class registration and classes in your cart together.

Your photo may be taken at NBG events and used for website and promotional materials.

New members will receive a welcome email when we have finished processing their order.  Then they can  log in to the website with their email address as their usename and clicking on the “Lost Your Password” link to set a new password.

Renewing members need to log into this website to renew.  If you do not know your password, the “Lost your password” link will let you set a new one.  If this is renewal and you have a new mailing or email address, please let us know.

There is a list of NBG members on the Members Only page of this website.  That page is only available after you have logged into the site, so only NBG members can see the list.  We want to give you control over your information so we are now asking if we can put your address, city, state, email address and phone number on the list.  You can include any or none of this information.  NBG members use this list to contact members they have met at our events, or to find other basketmakers who live nearby.

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2024 NBG Membership - required for the 2024 Summer Retreat and other events occurring between July 1, 2024 and June 30, 2025. July 1, 2024 - June 30, 2025 Please choose either a General Membership ($25) or a Professional Membership ($35) There is a list of NBG members on the Members Only page.  The page is only accessible to NBG members who have logged in.  The list helps members contact other members that they have met at one of our events, or allows a member to find other members who live nearby.  Please choose how much of your contact information you would like to include on this page.  The page is only accessible to NBG members.

We prefer you to fill out your information online rather than use the paper membership form because it improves the accuracy of your information.  You can pay by check even if you purchase your membership by filling out the online form.  We do, however, provide the option of using our paper Membership Application form.  This form should be mailed to Gail Hanlon, Membership Coordinator, 19 Red Leaf,  Plymouth, MA 02360