NBG Grants

NBG Grants

Each year, the Northeast Basketmakers Guild (NBG) awards grants to advance the art of basket weaving. Whether a beginning weaver or an experienced teacher, members can take advantage of this benefit to perfect a skill they are already using or to challenge themselves to learn a new technique.

NBG Scholarships for 2019

Grants awarded were—

The Bill Pope Grant for $500 to attend the NBG Gathering:

Mpagi Livingston Bukeka used his grant to travel from Uganda in Africa to learn new techniques to take home to share with fellow basketmakers, school age children, and his Ugandan community at large. He explained that adding new techniques to the baskets they currently make will help raise their sales. The money made from weaving baskets is used to help support less privileged children get a better education through the Baskets for Education Project. It was an honor and delight for NBG members to meet and get to know Livingstone and learn about his basketmaking endeavors in Uganda.

The Susi Nuss Grant for $500 to attend a non-NBG event of the applicant’s choice was given to three NBG members in 2019:

  • Marsha Leavitt to attend the Pennsylvania Gathering of the Gourds; she plans to explore gourd art and use this knowledge to enhance her coiled basketry.
  • Peggy Thrasher to attend John C. Campbell Folk School to study copper techniques with Robert and Craig Triplett; to learn many different techniques that will enhance her basketmaking skill set.
  • JoAnn Kelly Catsos to attend the National Association of Wheat Weavers annual conference in Wichita, Kansas; as a black ash basket maker who is concerned with impact of emerald ash borer on future ash material, JoAnn is looking to learn more about wheat as a basketmaking medium.

There were other grants (now called the Founders Grants) awarded late 2018 to mid-2019:

  • Claudia Anderson for supplies for Connecticut Boy Scout Troop working on Basketry Badge
  • Debra Rolfe for supplies for four classes for general public at central Massachusetts libraries

NBG Grants for 2020

There are three grant categories. Two of the grants are named in honor of founders of NBG who made notable contributions to NBG.

The Susi Nuss Grant for $500 for an NBG member to attend a non-NBG event such as Stowe Basketry Festival, the John C. Campbell Folk School, the NBO Conference, or an event of the applicant’s choice.

The Bill Pope Grant for $500 for an NBG member to attend current year’s NBG Gathering.

The Founders Grant to promote NBG and basketweaving by members teaching classes or providing their basketry supplies for classes to the general public, Boy Scout troops, or event of applicant’s choice. This category is open to non-NBG members to seek funds to attend an NBG weaving event such as a student studying the arts who is interested in attending NBG Gathering, a young person interested a class a Retreat or other interested emerging artists.

The Susi Nuss and Bill Pope Grants may be awarded yearly at the discretion of the NBG Board in an amount that is approved by the NBG Board at their first meeting of the calendar year. Full details about the Grants selection and processes are available in the bylaws.

The guidelines for applying for grants are:

    • An NBG member may apply for grants yearly.
    • Grant recipients may apply two years after receiving a grant.
    • An applicant will have been an NBG member for the past two years and must be a member for two years after receiving the award or until completing the project. If unable to maintain membership, the member will return the monetary award to NBG.
    • Financial need is not a requirement.
    • Deadline for submitting grant request is March 31.
    • Grant winners will share their experiences within two years of receiving the award:
      • by writing an article for the next newsletter
      • by teaching a class
      • holding a demonstration
      • making a display
      • or any other means of sharing information with the general membership.

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Grant Application Form

If you have any questions about scholarships, applications, or the process, please contact the NBG president.