NBG Grants

NBG Grants

Each year, the Northeast Basketmakers Guild (NBG) awards grants to advance the art of basket weaving. Whether a beginning weaver or an experienced teacher, members can take advantage of this benefit to perfect a skill they are already using or to challenge themselves to learn a new technique.

NBG Grants for 2022

Grants awarded were—

The Susi Nuss Grant for $500 to attend a non-NBG event of the applicant’s choice was given to two NBG members in 2022:

Jessica Clark

  • Jes is planning on attending “The Basketry Tear Up” . This is taking place in England. There will be four teachers overall and each participant gets to choose which teacher they would like to take in depth classes.
  • These classes will teach high level willow techniques that aren’t usually taught in the USA.
  • Jes will write an article for the newsletter. She may also photo –document her experience to share as a slide presentation. She is hoping to get permission from her teachers to teach the baskets she learns at a future NBG event.

Joyce Flower

  • Joyce will be attending a Basketry Conference. She will take classes that use some natural materials that she presently does not use. She is hoping to get more ideas and options of using different materials and different techniques in her baskets and designs.
  • Joyce will write an article for the newsletter on her experiences and hopes to bring this new knowledge to the baskets she offers for classes for her students and the NBG.

Two Founders Grants have been awarded in 2022.  These grants are for NBG classes or for teachers to teach classes to the public:

Susie Gray

  • Susie was granted a Founders grant to take two classes at the Zoom Gathering this year. Susie wanted to learning new weaving techniques with different materials that she hasn’t used in the past.
  • She hopes to write a short article for the newsletter about her experiences.

Peggy Thrasher

  • Peggy will purchase supplies to teach a camp basket to 90 students at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmens Fair in August. The class will be free to the students. The students will be ages 6+.

NBG Grants for 2023

There are three grant categories. Two of the grants are named in honor of founders of NBG who made notable contributions to NBG.

The Susi Nuss Grant for $500 for an NBG member to attend a non-NBG event such as Stowe Basketry Festival, the John C. Campbell Folk School, the NBO Conference, or an event of the applicant’s choice.

The Bill Pope Grant for $500 for an NBG member to attend current year’s NBG Gathering.

The Founders Grant to promote NBG and basketweaving by members teaching classes or providing their basketry supplies for classes to the general public, Boy Scout troops, or event of applicant’s choice. This category is open to non-NBG members to seek funds to attend an NBG weaving event such as a student studying the arts who is interested in attending NBG Gathering, a young person interested a class a Retreat or other interested emerging artists.

The Susi Nuss and Bill Pope Grants may be awarded yearly at the discretion of the NBG Board in an amount that is approved by the NBG Board at their first meeting of the calendar year. Full details about the Grants selection and processes are available in the bylaws.

The guidelines for applying for grants are:

    • An NBG member may apply for grants yearly.
    • Grant recipients may apply two years after receiving a grant.
    • An applicant will have been an NBG member for the past two years and must be a member for two years after receiving the award or until completing the project. If unable to maintain membership, the member will return the monetary award to NBG.
    • Financial need is not a requirement.
    • Deadline for submitting grant request is March 31.
    • Grant winners will share their experiences within two years of receiving the award:
      • by writing an article for the next newsletter
      • by teaching a class
      • holding a demonstration
      • making a display
      • or any other means of sharing information with the general membership.

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Grant Application Form

If you have any questions about scholarships, applications, or the process, please contact the NBG president.