2021 Winter Classes

Winter Basketweaving Classes

Choose from five online basketweaving classes

Take a basketweaving class on Zoom.  For most classes you will be mailed a kit in advance, then you will join us on Zoom to learn to make your own special basket.  Your teacher will show the weaving techniques that are used (some people from the first class thought that it was actually easier to see the demonstration on Zoom than in person).  She will answer all of your questions and give you suggestions to make your basket even better.  And you’ll be able to spend time with other basket weavers.  Online classes are really fun!

The kits will be sent directly to you by the teacher.  Information needed to join the Zoom meetings will be emailed to you 48 hours before the first meeting of the class.

Register for your class online.

Payment can be made through Paypal

or you can send a check made out to “NBG” to
Kimberley Harding
56 Florence Ave
Arlington, MA 02476

Winter Classes

Tapas Pot
Anne Bowers

Saturday, January 30  9 AM – 1 PM
and Sunday, January 31  1 PM – 3 PM

Fee:  $73
You must be a NBG member to take this class
Width 6″, Height 7″ not including handle

This bean pot shaped basket starts with a wood base and dyed spokes. Typical techniques include twining, three rod wale and continuous weave….but the fun starts when students choose from a wide variety of chenille yarns, copper, various wires and waxed linen to create a unique landscape. Rim is double lashed with waxed linen and has a wire bale handle.

Tools needed: small pan to soak materials, small awl, shears, packing tool, needle nose pliers

Gray Skies
Sharon Klusmann

Saturday, February 20  9 AM – 1 PM
and Saturday, February 27  9 AM – Noon

Fee:  $92
You must be a NBG member to take this class
Length 13 1/2” Width 11” Height 5”

Gray Skies is a striking oval basket with a braided material liner. Begin with a wooden base using natural, gray and black spokes. Learn this fun twill and then triple twine adding double spokes to hide ends. Create a center rim to attach leather handles and continue triple twining with a matching top rim laced in gray waxed linen. Easy to shape and oh so practical!

Extra bases and liners are available on Sharon’s Website www.SharonKlusmann.com.  She can mail the bases and liners with your kit.

Beginner Muffin Basket
Robin Ingram

Thursday, February 25  1 – 3 PM
and Thursday, March 4  1 – 3 PM

Fee: $35
You do not have to be a NBG member to take this class
Width 8” Height 4 ½”

This sweet little basket will teach you how to create, shape and weave a continuous weave round basket with a flat oval lashed rim.

Materials (provided):  Several widths of flat flat reed and flat oval reed, seagrass rim filler, waxed linen lasher, needle and citrus peeler to use as a packing tool

Tools needed: Sturdy scissors for cutting the reed, a measuring tape, container for water to soak reed, and a weight such as a can of soup for holding down the spokes for the base of the basket.

Upcycled T-Shirt Yarn Basket
Kimberley Harding


Saturday, April 10  1 – 4 PM
and Sunday, April 11 1 – 4 PM

Fee:  $50 (no kit is sent – see below for materials that you supply)
You do not need to be a NBG member to take this class
Width: 6″  Height: 6″

Do you have some old t-shirts you no longer wear because they have a few holes or stains? Don’t throw them away! Turn them into yarn to make a funky yet sturdy, functional basket.

You will make yarn with your own old t-shirts and a basket base with clothesline. Then you will learn different patterns possible with the twining technique and how to make a rim to finish the basket.

There is no kit sent for this basket.

You need to supply:

  • Old t-shirts or other jersey clothing (stained or with holes is fine), at least 2 contrasting colors, 3 is better
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • 18-24” grid ruler
  • Sharp fabric scissors
  • Plastic sewing clips
  • Rubber bands
  • #7 Clothesline (7/32”)
  • Fast drying fabric glue such as Aleene’s Quick Dry Fabric Fusion
  • Yarn needle

Stormy Weather
Pamela Wilson

March 30  1 – 4 PM
and March 31 1 – 3 PM

Fee:  $80
You must be a NBG member to take this class
Length: 5 1/2″ Width: 9″ Height: 7″

This basket purse has an oak base and is woven in 3 rod wale with step-ups, and the Japanese wave weave. The leather braided strap is attached before rimming. The basket is lashed with Hamburg cane.

The Fine Print:

  1. Contact Peggy Thrasher with any questions, including if you need help with Zoom
  2. You must be a member of NBG to take the Intermediate classes.  You can join NBG here.
  3. No cancellations will be accepted within three weeks of the first meeting of the class.
  4. Cancellations earlier than 3 weeks before the class will incur a $10 fee.

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