2021 Virtual Gathering Classes

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Height:  6 - 7"  Diamenter:  6" Learn a lovely little willow basket, useful for holding garlic, dried flowers or any its and bits.  I have used mine to plant orchids into!  We will weave a small 3x3 slath with pairing and insert stakes with a novel and quick upset.  The sides are built up with a round of pairing, French randing, and more pairing before we finish off with a simple trac border and a handle/loop made from the stakes.  What you will end up with is a small but sturdy basket that is easily reproduced at home! Materials:  Willow Tools needed: A pair of clean, sharp high quality pruners - Felco 6 or something similar, bodkin, rapping iron and small weights. Jes will have some extras to lend to the class
Intermediate Level
Flat Reed

Height:  6 1/2"  Diameter:  8 1/2" at top

When making this double walled basket you are using double amounts of natural and dyed reed which equal double thickness.  Shaping this into a Cat Head can be tricky as the sides will increase then to reach the rim area the rows must decrease in size. The inside wall has “arrows” you can place those where you would like for an accent or leave them out.

Materials:  natural and dyed reed, wax linen and sea grass.

Tools needed:  Regular basketry tools
Beginner Level
Intermediate Level
Flat Reed


Height:  3"  Diameter:  6"

This Nantucket style basket is woven over a blue and white Japanese bowl. Hamburg cane is used as the weaving material. There is a navy blue rim from 3/8” flat oval. You will lash the rim with waxed linen. This basket weaves up very nicely for an elegant basket.

Materials supplied:  bowl with ash base attached, reed, cane and waxed linen.

Tools needed: Regular basketry tools