2021 Fall Classes

Fall Basketweaving Classes

Choose from four online basketweaving classes

Take a basketweaving class on Zoom.  You will be mailed a kit in advance, then you will join us on Zoom to learn to make your own special basket.  Your teacher will show the weaving techniques that are used (some people have mentioned that it was actually easier to see the demonstration on Zoom than in person).  She will answer all of your questions and give you suggestions to make your basket even better.  And you’ll be able to spend time with other basket weavers.  Online classes are really fun!

The kits will be sent directly to you by the teacher.  Information needed to join the Zoom meetings will be emailed to you 48 hours before the first meeting of the class.

Registrations for each class end two weeks before the class to allow time for kits to be sent.

Payment can be made through Paypal (including with your credit card)

or you can send a check made out to “NBG” to
Kimberley Harding
20 Pamela Rd
Portland, ME 04103.

Fall Classes



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First Basket/Beginner Level
Flat Reed

Saturday, October 23
10AM - Noon and 1PM - 3PM

Length: 8", Width: 7", Height: 3 1/2"

Prerequisites:  No previous experience is needed.  This is a perfect basket for a beginner or someone who wants to complete a quick little fall project.

Skills learned in this sweet little basket include laying out a base and weaving start-stop rows on the sides.  After threading acorns on the waxed linen they are added between the spokes.  The basket is finished with a rim.

Materials supplied:  Reed, waxed linen thread, pre-drilled acorn caps

Tools needed: Bucket, sturdy scissors, flathead screwdriver or packing tool, measuring tape

All Levels/First Basket

This class is full

Saturday-Sunday,  Nov 13 and 14
1PM - 4:30PM

Length: 4 - 4 1/2", Width: 4 - 4 1/2"

Prerequisites:  This is a class for any level of weaving experience.  Coiling allows the weaver to stop at any time or keep on weaving until you run out of cord.

You will learn to open coil on a ready to weave gourd, how to start and stop the weaving, how to add thread, how to add beads, and how to close coil adding color to the design.

This class includes a video of the finish Jane uses on the gourd.

Materials supplied:  Kit includes pre-cut, cleaned and finished 4 to 4 1/2” gourd (ready to weave), hand dyed cord, beads, drill bit, needle, waxed linen thread and color, step-by-step instructions with detailed photos.

Color choices:

  • Metallic finish with three colors (purple, turquoise and blue), the cord is also dyed in those variegated colors then they pick the color of thread
  • Natural finish with a bronze finish gourd with natural cord, bronze beads, and brown thread.

Tools needed:  Students will need a drill, scissors, pencil, and sharp small point awl.

Please Note:  In some cases, when a member purchases this class they are also being charged the $25 membership fee.  If this happens to you, and you have already paid the membership fee we will refund the extra $25.  I'm trying to figure out why this is happening...  Peggy

Intermediate Level

This class is closed

Oct 27 1PM - 3PM
Nov 3 1PM - 4PM
Nov 10 1Pm - 4PM

Length: 3 1/2", Width: 3 1/2", Height: 3 1/2" - 4"

Prerequisites:   Students must comfortable with twills, the ability to read a graph is very helpful. This is not a beginner weaver class, but it could be a first paper basket if the student is very comfortable with twills and has taken another virtual weaving class.

Working with ¼” strips of hand-painted paper, students will learn the basics of diagonal twill. Students will work on two baskets simultaneously. This virtual class will be split into 3 sessions:

  • the first (2 hours) Base Construction,
  • the second (3 hours) Turning Corners & Weaving the Sides,
  • the third (3 hours) Rimming Options.

In order to be ready to start each segment with minimal review, students may have some homework between session. Students must commit to doing this homework for the good of the group.

Materials supplied: Students will receive a 3mm packer and hand-painted paper and waxed linen for two complete baskets.
(Kit colors will be chosen randomly by the teacher. Please inform Annetta if there is a color you absolutely dislike or colors you absolutely prefer – I will do my best to honor these preferences.)

Tools needed: Blue Painters Tape, 12-15 toothless micro-clips small sharp pointed tip paper scissor, measuring tape or ruler, #24 tapestry needle.

Registration deadline:  October 14, 2021

Intermediate Level
Flat Reed
Round Reed

This class is closed

Tuesdays, November 2, 9, 16
8:30AM - 12:30PM

Length: 16", Width: 8", Height: 10 1/2"

Prerequisites:   Participants must know how to, and feel comfortable doing the following on their own: start/stop weaving, twining, rimming, and shaping the sides.

This beautiful basket is a treat a to weave.  Participants can choose how they want to design the sides and no basket is ever the same.  (See pictures from a previous workshop.) It is woven in flat reed, with start/stop rows, and twined with round reed.  It features oak carved swing handles and a separate lid.  There are three rims on the two pieces which are lashed with cane.  The instructor will include some 1/4" Flat Oval in the kit, however students may wish to use other sizes in their stash.   This basket is great for storing things, when it isn't going with you on a picnic.

The class will be held in 3 parts, 4 hours each.  In Session 1 we weave the base and start up the sides.  Participants will probably have homework after this session to get it up to the first rim.  Session 2 will include positioning the handles, doing the first rim, trimming the spokes, twining to the second rim, clipping and tucking, and rimming the top.  Again, there may be homework after this session for slower weavers.  In Session 3 we will weave and fit the lid.

Materials supplied: all spokes, dyed reed for the sides, extra 1/4" FO for fun on the sides, rims, cane for lashing, seagrass, and beautiful oak swing handles.

Tools needed:  The usual basket tools, including scissors, angle cutters, needle nose pliers, tape measure, spoke weight, lots of clothes pins, scarfer or something to trim rims, large packer, and anything else you like to use.