2021 Exhibit Baskets

Our 2021 Exhibit had twelve entries: six in the General Category and six in the Professional/Teacher Category.

Best in Show

First Place in Professional/Teacher category

Jane and John’s Wedding Present
By Peggy Thrasher

Material:  Copper
Technique:  Triaxial Weave

Second Place in Professional/Teacher Category

Four Diamonds
By JoAnn Kelly Catsos

Materials: hand-prepared natural and stained black ash splint, maple, waxed linen
Techniques:  plaited, modified quatrefoil twill, mold woven

Third Place – Tie in Professional/Teacher Category

Tibetan Inspired Backpack
by Sue Muldoon

Materials: flat reed, dyed reed, black cane, Tibetan beads, leather cord
Techniques: plain weave, twining, wicker

Third Place – Tie in Professional/Teacher Category

by Annetta Kraayveld

Materials: watercolor paper painted with acrylics, cut into 2mm, 4mm and 6.4mm strips.
Techniques: Chase woven and hand shaped.

First Place in General Category

Primordial Creatures
By Judy Lazarus

Materials: catalpa tree seed pods, birch bark, daylily leaf cordage
Techniques: over/under weaving, twining

Second Place in General Category

Antler Basket
By Gary Terlisner

Materials:  pine needles, painted antler, grey sinew, and a cabochon
Techniques:  coiling and wrapping

Third Place in General Category

by Peg Camp

Materials:  Pine needle and waxed linen with a pine cone top
Technique: Coiling

General Category Entries

Cat’s Bow-tie
by Mary Williams

Materials:  Reed, waxed linen, philodendron sheath
Techniques:  Cat’s Head shaping, natural materials rim embellishment

Ode to Shaker Cat’s Head #1
by Rhonda Voos

Materials:  6mm binder cane, common cane, dyed #1 round reed, Hong Kong grass, smoked 3/8″ flat reed, fine cane.
Techniques: Shaker cat’s head style base, twining

Ice Bucket Challenge
by Nancy Swan

Materials: walnut 3/16″ spokes; cane weavers; cherry base, lid and handles
Techniques: Nantucket style basket with some help on the handle from my Nantucket basket teacher

Teacher/Professional Category Entries

by Kimberley Harding

Materials: watercolor paper, acrylic paint, crepe paper, wire, tissue paper, gloss medium
Techniques: cathead basket woven with paper, collage, paper flower making

Out of the Wood
by Lynn Goldberg

Materials:  Wood base, reed, corded raffia, day lily and iris leaves and willow bark
Technique: Rib Basket