2020 Fall Classes

Fall Basketweaving Classes

Choose from four online basketweaving classes

Take a basketweaving class on Zoom.  You will be mailed a kit in advance, then you will join us on Zoom to learn to make your own special basket.  Your teacher will show the weaving techniques that are used (some people from the first class thought that it was actually easier to see the demonstration on Zoom than in person).  She will answer all of your questions and give you suggestions to make your basket even better.  And you’ll be able to spend time with other basket weavers.  Online classes are really fun!

Please sign up for only one basket now – we want to give everyone a chance.  You can sign up for a second class starting September 24, 2020 if there are still spots available.

The kits will be sent directly to you by the teacher.  Information needed to join the Zoom meetings will be emailed to you 48 hours before the first meeting of the class.

Register for your class online.

Payment can be made through Paypal

or you can send a check made out to “NBG” to
Kimberley Harding
56 Florence Ave
Arlington, MA 02476

Fall Classes


Emma’s Pumpkin
Anne Bowers

Saturday, October 17  1 – 4 PM
Sunday, October 18  1 – 3 PM

All levels
Fee:  $68
Width: 8″ Height: 8″ – sizes vary

The epitome of fall is the pumpkin…these pumpkins are sure to tickle your fancy! The basket features a double-spoked base, a foot and chase weave.  The class will emphasize shaping. The lid is easy to make and shape to the basket and is embellished with leather leaves, wire curliques and a real pumpkin stem.

To Market, To Market
Pamela Wilson

Wednesday, October 28  1 – 3 PM
Thursday, October 29  1 – 3PM

Fee:  $60
Length 9” Width 8” Height 8” Height with handle 14”

This basket is woven on a sharp “D” handle, and features a solid bottom with crow feet on the outside. Several rows of twining begin and end the pattern. The center section is chase woven with space dyed and flat oval reed. It is lashed with waxed linen. For those new to the technique, chase weaving will be discussed and demonstrated. There will also be an emphasis on shaping. Students should email the instructor for their color choice of space dyed reed. doubledaywilson@icloud.com

French Randing Market Basket
Pamela Wilson

Thursday, November 5  1 – 3 PM
Thursday, November 12  1 – 3 PM
Thursday, November 19  1 – 3 PM

Fee: $65
Length 15” Width 8” Height 8 ½” Height with handle 14”

This sturdy rectangular basket is woven over a “D” handle and features twining, and a strapping decoration on the sides.  In this class, students will learn how to weave the French randing stitch. The basket is woven in flat, flat oval and round reed.  You may choose from terra cotta and brown as shown in the photo, or royal blue and brown. Students should email the instructor for their color choice of space dyed reed. doubledaywilson@icloud.com

Mayan Sun
Anne Bowers

Saturday, November 21  1 – 4 PM
Sunday, November 22  1 – 4 PM

Materials Fee:  $135
Width: 25″ Height: 3″

This fabulous wall basket is a study in color, texture and technique. Beginning with a double spoked base, series of spokes are added or split to give the basket several layers of weaving – one set even looks like a picket fence! The basket is made of reed using both dyed and natural weavers of various sizes and widths. The sides of the basket are shallow. It is a true creation to treasure!

Students will need to start this basket before the first class according to directions sent with the kit.  The class will start with the addition of the second set of spokes.  This basket requires a lot of table space (4 feet), and the student must be able to stand for long periods of time, as this basket must be woven flat on the table.

The Fine Print:

  1. Contact Peggy Thrasher with any questions, including if you need help with Zoom
  2. You must be a member of NBG to take these classes.  You can join NBG here.
  3. You may only sign up for one class before September 24, 2020
  4. No cancellations will be accepted within three weeks of the first meeting of the class.
  5. Cancellations earlier than 3 weeks before the class will incur a $10 fee.

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