2018 Gathering Exhibit Baskets

2018 Gathering Exhibit Baskets

Best In Show

Ms. Sapphire – All Dressed Up With Nowhere to go

by Mary Skillings


1st place Tie

Niche by Dianne Stanton

1st Place Tie

Blue Blocks by Peggy Thrasher


3rd Place

Ocean by Marsha Levitt


General Membership


1st Place

Nantucket 5 by Jackie Johanson


2nd Place

Thalassa by Kimberley Harding

3rd Place

Waxed Linen by Pat Lemire


1st Place

Adirondack Pack Basket by Carla Jo Wagenstein Vega


2nd Place

First Twill By Nancy Swan

Professional Entries


Nantucket Tissue and Wastebasket
by Ruth Garcia

Coiled Delight
by Anette Meier

by Debra Rolfe

“Turtle” Lamp
by Jean Poythress Koon

Sky Bridge
by Bonnie Gale

Many Minis
By Marie Kasparian

Nantucket Oval
by Mary Fischer

Mimosa Bark & Copper
by Lynn Goldberg

Curls & Wall
By Dona Nazarenko

General Membership Entries

by Gerry Boyle

Maddie’s Basket
by Ann Marie Bartlett-Pszbylyski

Multi-purpose Basket
by Raymond Robert


Nantucket Tray
by Kate Carroll